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Ski Reports

TrailLast GroomedComments
Approach Trail (The In and Out) 4/15/18 – Some new snow. 29 F.
Machine Groomed, Spring conditions.
Biathlon Range 3/10/18
Boundary Trail 3/19/18
Dead Dog 4/14/18
Deja View 4/15/18
Doug’s Doodle 4/15/18
Drewski 3/19/18
Jerry’s Journey 4/15/18
Kid’s Loop 3/9/18
Purple Haze 3/4/18
Rendezvous Loop 4/15/18
Sheppard’s Shortcut 4/15/18
Spencer Cutoff 3/4/18
Sprint Loop 4/15/18 Both.
Tele Hill 4/15/18
Volunteer 3/10/18
Washburn 3/12/18
Windy Ridge 3/9/18
Yellowstone’s Riverside Trail 3/19/18

Snowmobile Reports – West Yellowstone

Trails Groomed by West Yellowstone, MT • 406-646-7750 or 406-646-7701

Snowmobilers: When using any of the plowed parking areas please be courteous and considerate of others. Move to another riding or parking area if there is no room in the lot and please don’t block other users from exiting.

Warning!  Extreme Avalanche Danger!  
Use caution at all elevations!

TrailLast Groomed
BPA Powerline/Railroad 3/18/18
Big Sky 3/25/18
Cougar Creek 3/7/18
Horse Butte 3/11/18
Lionhead 3/31/18
Little Snowy 3/11/18
Madison Arm Trail 3/11/18
Power Line West of Town 3/11/18
Rea’s 2/23/18
South Plateau Trail 3/14/18Be Aware of the Park Boundary! Snowmobiles must not cross into the Park!
—– Whiskey Trail 3/14/18
—– Black Bear Cut Off 3/14/18
South Plateau to Jct. 23 3/6/18Be Aware of the Park Boundary! Snowmobiles must not cross into the Park!
—– Whiskey Trail 3/6/18
Two Top Loop Trail via South Fork 3/31/18
Two Top Loop Trail via Mosquito 3/27/18
Junction 8 3/11/18

Snowmobile Reports – Idaho

Trails Groomed by Fremont County, ID • 208-624-7266 • website

Remember all snowmobiles, regardless of their state/province of origin, are required to purchase an Idaho snowmobile registration. It is the law. All recreation vehicles operating over snow in the winter are required to purchase a snowmobile sticker (A summer OHV sticker is not valid for this activity in the winter). The sticker pays for grooming, plowing of the parking lots and all snowmobile related activities. Without your contribution to the county grooming programs, grooming and parking lot plowing will cease to exist.

3/24/18 – It is that time of year, Trail grooming has concluded for the winter. Thank you for another great season on the snow.  See you next winter!

TrailLast GroomedComments
Baker Draw 3/13/18
Big Springs Loop 3/13/18
Black Canyon Trail 3/22/18
Cave Falls Trail 3/4/18
Centennial Loop – Lower 3/6/18
Chick Creek Trail 3/11/18
Eccles Trail 2/22/18
Fish Creek – Lower 3/15/18
Fish Creek – Upper 3/13/18
Flagg Ranch Trail/Grassy Lake 3/3/18
Green Canyon 3/6/18
Island Park Business Area (Island Park Village to Last Chance) 3/15/18— Stamp Meadows Trail
— Flat Rock Trail
— Box Canyon Trail
Meadow Creek Trail 3/22/18
Highway 47/Mesa Falls Scenic Byway 3/15/18
Rea’s Pass 3/22/18
Sawtelle Trail/Bootjack 3/9/18
South Antelope Trail 2/20/18
Two Top Trail/Twin Creek 3/22/18
Valley View /Targhee Pass Trail 3/9/18
Warm River Trail 3/7/18 (Bear Gulch to Warm River Campground)
Warm River Springs Trail 3/2/18
West Henry’s Lake Flat 3/22/18